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Mismanagement of Infrastructure

Ken is running for Council Position 4!  Please continue your much appreciated support in the upcoming election

New website coming soon!

This campaign is run solely through contributions of Seattle & King County voters. No tax payer public money has been used.  Your support is appreciated!!

for over 101,000 VOTES
and for making this

Meet Ken!

Civil engineer.  Small business owner.  Part-time soccer coach.  Proud father of two daughters. 

I appreciate your vote and value your individual perspective to formulate ideas for how we can build our city better.  Thank you Seattle voters!

Working to create a happier and healthier Seattle.
Useful Articles and Resources
Teresa Mosqueda still leads for Seattle City Council #8; Kenneth Wilson gaining ground

Public safety Q&A with Teresa Mosqueda and Kenneth Wilson, Seattle City Council candidates, Position 8 | The Seattle Times

Could a mild-mannered structural engineer from Wallingford become Seattle's next council member?

Seattle City Council Position 8 race is more competitive than expected

RealChange Voter's Guide: An Interview with Kenneth Wilson, for Seattle City Council Position 8

City Council candidate Ken Wilson says West Seattle Bridge could be opened much sooner than next summer

Seattle City Council District 8 candidates’ plans to address homelessness: Teresa Mosqueda and Ken Wilson Q&A

Danny Westneat: One Seattle candidate came from nowhere to win a spot in the general election. What’s Ken Wilson’s secret?
Podcasts and Video Interviews
Seattle City Council Candidate Ken Wilson with Mike Solan - Hold the Line Episode #17 (10/30/21)
#17 - Seattle City Council Candidate, Ken Wilson - YouTube

KIRO Gee and Ursula Show 10/06/21 (0:00-15:37min)

West Seattle Community Forum Debate - Seattle Council Position 8 & 9 (10/18/21)
Seattle City Council Positions 8/9 forum - YouTube

Queen-Anne Community Council Seattle Council 8 Debate 10/03/21 (3:10-35:40min)

Ballard Alliance Community Council Seattle Council 8 Debate 9/22/21 (12:00-35:30min)

Seattle Channel: September 30 Seattle City Council Position 8 Debate

Seattle Here & Now 180 featuring Seattle Council Candidates Kenneth Wilson (3:16-31:00min) (9/23/21)

Here & Now is live on Rainier Avenue Radio Thursdays hosted by John Yasutake featuring interviews with Seattle City Council Position #8 candidate Kenneth Wilson and Position #9 candidate Nikkita Oliver to share personal insights about their campaign.

KIRO Nights: Hour 3 : Sensible Solutions (0:30-18:50min) (8/26/21)
Saul Spady is joined by Ken Wilson who is running for Seattle City Council Position #8. Ken shares his ideas and why he thinks he's the best fit for the job.
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