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Ken's November 2021 Council 8 Run

for over 101,000 VOTES
and for making this

Ken is running for Council Position 4!  Please continue your much appreciated support in the upcoming election

Ballot Information

Seattle Council Position No. 8

Kenneth Wilson

(206) 637-4994

Education and Occupation

BS Civil Engineering with distinction and Mathematics Minor, University of Nevada

Master of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Washington

Project Management Certificate, University of Washington

General Manager and Owner

Integrity Structural Engineering, PLLC


We all feel the Council is leading in the wrong direction.  Incumbent politicians have yet to find solutions for increasing homelessness, failed roads and infrastructure, and closed businesses.  Most lack training in understanding day-to-day operations required for a thriving city.  I am asking for your vote to bring plain speaking, common-sense solutions to replace current mismanagement.

I am a 28-year resident of Seattle, my wife and two daughters were born here.  I am a licensed bridge structural engineer (PE SE) owning a Seattle small business since 2005.  Current work includes the Northgate truss bridge over I-5 and pedestrian bridges over SR520 near Microsoft.  As your council member, I will lean heavily on my analytical, engineering, and infrastructure background to bring rational decision making and progress control follow up to Council actions.

Frustrated, I watched as downtown became lawless and boarded, 911 response times increased from lack of staffing, a good police chief was forced to resign, and West Seattle shut off from the rest of the city due to poor maintenance and continual mistakes in administration of valuable infrastructure.  Our homeless challenges became extreme and unaided, while parks and schools were made inaccessible as living space sanctuaries for addiction and mental problems.  With each new development we lost critical canopy/old trees along with affordable rental housing, replaced five-to-one by unaffordable homes stressing existing sewers.

Seattle needs a council member trained in infrastructure to ensure the city is improved, supported, and made better for everyone.  West Seattle cannot continue to have access blocked.  Homelessness must be addressed immediately.  Most importantly, all people must be dealt with compassionately but consistently in justice commensurate with the problem.

I am proud to live in Seattle and I have the background needed to help bring back the city we love.  I would appreciate your vote!


Kenneth Wilson

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